We exist to make Jesus known.


Grace Church is a Gospel-Centered church in Waco, TX that aims to make the true Jesus known in the church, the city, and the world. The gospel of Jesus which is revealed in the Bible impacts every thing we do and every decision we make.


Join us for worship.

Feasting on the gospel

Every Sunday at 10am we gather to celebrate Jesus and the good news of his life and work. Our Sunday gatherings are meant to imitate the ancient Christian practice of worship through feasting. We feast on the gospel of Jesus with a planned liturgy (what we hear, say, and do) that reveals the good news of Jesus to us and calls us to respond.


Get to know Jesus.

Making Jesus known in the pulpit

The gospel is the good news of the person and work of Jesus that has been revealed to us by God himself. We preach through books of the Bible in order to make Jesus known in all of the Scriptures and to feast on his revealed gospel.


Get to know us.


During the week we meet in homes of church members in order to build community together that is based on our mutual identity in Christ and to help one another follow Jesus. We call this belonging and discipleship. We receive encouragement to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ as we pray together, study scripture, confess sin and need, repent and believe, and work to share our lives with one another.