Join us every Sunday at 9am for our adult equipping classes.

Right doctrine, right living

What we believe about God and about the gospel of Jesus Christ not only enters our heads, but impacts how we live our life. Our equipping ministry is designed to offer theologically and biblically robust training that equips believers in Jesus to understand right doctrine that corresponds directly to right living. We want to expound the riches of the gospel in all of Scripture and through various subjects and topics.

We offer classes in seminar format, meaning they are responsive in nature and curriculum is repeated so that multiple classes can be offered. Some classes require sign-up in advance. Check back or look out for new announcements to see what equipping is currently being offered.

Current Classes

Exposition of James

July 16th - August 25th

9AM | Training Room

Join us as we walk verse by verse through the book of James and find practical steps and wisdom for living out the gospel now matter our circumstances.

Teachers: Pastors Drake Osborn and Bracken Arnhart


Upcoming Classes