We exist to see God glorified by making Jesus known in the church, the city, and the world.

After a long life as “Grace Community Church”, Grace Church was replanted in 2011 with the aim of “rediscovering the gospel”. In partnership with the Acts29 network, Grace Church took on new life as a body of believers committed to understanding the importance of the good news of Jesus Christ as not only the catalyst for salvation but the central doctrine of the Scripture and the focal point of the Christian life. The church began to experience growth as we discovered the joy in Christ’s gospel. Some discovered Jesus for the first time, but many rediscovered the gospel that they thought they had needed to move on from.

After a few years of mobile church and meeting in schools in the greater Waco area, the pastors of Grace Church saw the need of a gospel-centered church in the heart of Waco. An old community bowling alley at 4610 Bosque was selected as the future home of Grace Church and renovations were completed in early 2016. Grace Church sits in the crosshairs of an area of significant economic and racial diversity, so a new goal was born: to make Jesus known to the church, and therefore the city of Waco and the world.

That mission of Grace Church still stands. We exist to see God glorified by making Jesus known in the church, the city, and the world. We recognize the importance of revelation, the idea that God has made himself known to us in the gospel which shows Jesus’ person and work. Our job description as those who have seen and believe in Jesus is to disperse that revelation wherever we go: to make Jesus known. Where the true Jesus is truly known, God is glorified in transforming hearts and lives and making dead people alive. Where the true Jesus is known, disciples of Jesus are made and strengthened and the mission of the church of God is fulfilled.


In our mission of making Jesus known, we affirm the following core values. These values shape the culture, decisions, and teaching of Grace Church.

Gospel Centrality

The revelation of God in the face of Jesus Christ has shown us the gospel: Jesus came into the world to save sinners, and all who repent of their sin and believe in his work on their behalf and his resurrection from the dead are united to Christ by faith and will live with him forever. We believe this gospel both saves sinners and continues to sanctify believers through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. Christians are those who are shaped by the gospel and understand that their entire life revolves around remembering and acting in light of that good news.

The sovereignty of God

Before the foundation of the world, God lovingly chose to save sinners by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone for His glory. God is not bound by time, temporality, or by any human will or institution, but acts to save, sanctify, and glorify his people of his own sovereign will.


The local church is God’s primary missional strategy and the means by which he accomplishes his purposes in the world. The Holy Spirit unifies believers in the gospel both the Jesus and one another by faith in a distinguishable, identifiable community. Since we have been reconciled to one another in Christ, Christians hold each other accountable to kill sin, walk in righteousness, study the inspired Word of God, pray, and be an active member in a church body. The Biblical community of God is called by Christ to make disciples and practice the ordinances (baptism and the Lord’s supper) as an act of obedience and testimony until Christ returns.


The mission of the church given by Jesus is to make disciples of all people and nations. The gospel that saves us and sanctifies us also empowers us by the Spirit to proclaim it as the news which multiplies and sustains disciples of Jesus. Just as Christ was sent into the world, we are sent in the world to lovingly bring His good news to all people through word and deed.

ELDER-LED Complementarianism

God made men and women equal before his eyes with differing, complementary roles in the church and the home. We are an elder-led church that affirms the equality of male and female and the principle of male servant leadership for our elders. Our pastor/elders are qualified men who are affirmed by the congregation and lead out in all areas not explicitly prescribed to the congregation in Scripture.