Grace Church is led by a plurality of pastor/elders who share equal authority among various responsibilities of leadership. Our pastors are biblically qualified and approved men who lead our church through teaching, counseling, care, service, prayer, and oversight. Following the model of 1 Timothy 3 these men provide an example for the church in both character and conduct. We believe that the Biblical term for the office of pastor in the New Testament is synonymous for the term used for the office of overseer or elder, so we use the term pastor and elder interchangeably to describe one Biblical office of leadership.


Drake osborn

Pastor of Teaching and Liturgy

Drake serves Grace Church by overseeing our preaching and equipping and making sure our liturgy points us toward Christ and his gospel. He is a graduate of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and enjoys life with his wife Allie and son Judah.



Pastor of Groups and Counseling

Bracken serves Grace Church by overseeing our group belonging and discipleship efforts and by coordinating and leading out in caring for our members through Biblical counseling. His day job is working as a process engineer and loving his wife Katie and daughter Noel.


Buck Rogers

Pastor of Discipleship and Care

Pastor Buck has been with Grace Church since the very beginning. He leads out in service to our church by providing for us an example of intentional discipleship and pastoral care. Buck recently retired from a long career as a school counselor and holds a degree from Dallas Theological Seminary (M.A. in Biblical Counseling). He lives in nearby Marlin, Tx with his wife Nancy.



Deacons are the servants of the church. They work behind the scenes to lead our members into serving one another and remove roadblocks to the mission of making Jesus known. All of our deacons are called out of our congregation to provide examples to us of Godly character and Christ-like sacrifice.


Matthew Bixler

For the World Ministry


Patoya Hall

Connection and Events


Trent Matthews

Member Care and Prayer Team


Laura Green

Hospitality and Finance


Bill Osborn



Katherine Leslie

Grace Kids


amy jimenez

For the City Ministry


Lisa Osborn

Women’s Ministry


Luke Durell

Music and Liturgy



Our residents serve our church as part of their discipleship training, assisted by the pastors and deacons. They help ease the burden on our leaders and ensure the gospel goes forward and Jesus is made known through intentional and willing service in various areas of ministry.


Abel Castro

College and For the City


Chase Strickland

College and Grace Kids