Grace church offers two residency programs. Our ministry residency is open to men and women, is focused on more generalized ministry, and is ideal for recent college graduates or those developing and discerning a call to ministry. The pastoral residency is designed for mature Christian men who sense a call to pastoral ministry and desire quipping and training.

Ministry Residency

Training the next generation of leaders

The Ministry Residency at Grace Church exists to make Jesus known by raising up men and women who are trained and equipped to strengthen local churches, make disciples, and fulfill the great commission.

Our ministry residency is a one to two year full-time ministry training that is meant to develop future church leaders, pastors, counselors, and missionaries. Our residents take part in ministry rhythms that fill their week throughout the year. These rhythms consist of reading, writing, preaching, ministering, learning, and discipleship. The goal of year one is to help residents determine calling and gifting, as well as provide general theological, personal, and practical training in broad categories. The goal of year two, should the resident continue, is to provide more intentional ministry experience and coaching in ways tailored to the desires and gifting of the ministry resident.

Besides gaining preaching/teaching experience, residents will walk through different theological and practical books each month, with a lens as to how particular doctrine effects leadership in the local church. Residents will also take part in five different theological seminars throughout the course of the year which will cover topics like Bibliology, Ecclesiology, Apologetics, Hermeneutics, and Christology.

A 40 hour a week break down of time might look like this:

  • 5 hours | Reading various theological and practical books

  • 6 hours | Writing assignments and Preaching prep

  • 24 hours | Ministering through assigned roles in the church

  • 2.5 hours | Learning through book talks and theological seminars

  • 2.5 hours | Discipleship through accountability and coaching

Grace Church partners with Reliant, a leading non profit fund raising organization for support raising training, coaching, accountability, donations and payroll. The Reliant team works with residents to determine support goals and preparation for employment.

New Residents are hired every Spring, as the residency year begins in August and ends in July.

Ministry Residents



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Pastoral Residency

Equipping the called for gospel ministry

The Pastoral Residency at Grace Church exists to make Jesus known by equipping men who have experienced the call to pastoral ministry to faithfully minister the gospel through the planting and strengthening of churches.

Besides a more general ministry residency, we have found the need to develop a new program of training for men of character who feel the specific call to pastoral ministry. Our pastoral residency training is focused intently on theological and character development that is aimed at preparing residents for a future as vocational pastors, lay pastors, church planters, or church revitalizers.

The pastoral residency is a part-time program that begins each January and last for two years. Residents will not be required to set aside specific hours and may maintain their current vocations, but will be required to participate in reading, writing, and preaching assignments every month. Besides formal training, pastoral residents will be required to take part in certain church leadership roles and develop their pastoral heart by shadowing pastors in specific tasks and ministry during their time as a resident. Pastoral residents can expect to commit 6-8 hours weekly to the task of training, with downtime in the summer and specific months.

At the end of their residency, pastoral residents will be ordained for gospel ministry and will have the approval of Grace Church as to their preparedness and fitness for the office of pastor. An assessment process will help residents better identify strengths and weakness and search for potential ministry placements or opportunities.

Our inaugural class of pastoral residents will begin training in January 2020.